Howey Test Involve

Something you ought to understand in cryptocurrency is that, it is constantly changing. Each and every single day, there are more platforms as well as exchanges that are taking place on the market. When there’s almost endless number of options, trust becomes a critical thing. This is the exact same reason why testing cryptos are vital.

Testing isn’t just for Display, it has its Purpose

With testing, it can help in ensuring that hackers will not get into sensitive data using loopholes of exchanges. None of us would want to put our money and time into waste and for this, we have to learn on other people’s failures.

Let’s take a quick look of the Italian exchange as an example, the BitGrail. Back in 2018 of February, it’s involved in losing over 170 million dollars in Nano XRB tokens.

This took place as a result of vulnerability in exchange security. Then after, exchange has to declare bankruptcy which would not happen in the first place if BitGrail has performed thorough testing.

Preventing Pitfalls

Subsequently, the primary goal of performing testing is to provide full guarantee to users. If you have plans of opening new cryptocurrency exchange or you’re an owner of a small platform, it is highly recommended to reconsider the policy implemented and do in-depth testing of the product.