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Cryptocurerncy is a form of digital currency created and is managed by using advanced encryption techniques which is otherwise referred to as cryptography. Cryptocurrency has made enormous jump from being just an academic idea to a virtual reality, especially with the invention of Bitcoin back in 2009.

How do Experts see Bitcoin and Crypto’s Performance?

There are economic analysts who are predicting major changes in cryptocurrency is just around the corner and it, being an institutional money penetrates the market.

Not only that, there is a big chance that crypto would be available on NASDAQ which may also add credibility to blockchain and even its applications as alternative to the traditional currencies. Some are predicting that all cryptocurrency need is a verified ETF or an Exchange Traded Fund.

This ETF will make it simpler for everyone to invest in Bitcoin but still, there’s a big demand to crypto investments, which some would say might not be generated automatically with fund.

Is the Future Bright for Crypto?

The future for Bitcoin is a subject for debate nowadays. While financial media is proliferated by several crypto-evangelists as how they call themselves, Kenneth Rogoff who is a Harvard University Professor of Economics and Public Policy says that there’s overwhelming sentiment towards the advocates of cryptocurrency that can total to over 5 to 10 trillion dollars in the next five years.