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January 17, 2023

Gambling With Crypto: Where Are They Allowed

Bets with cryptocurrencies are normally sports bets. They are chiefly present in online betting houses.

How are the bets with cryptocurrencies?

Bets with cryptocurrencies do not differ from bets paid with other payment methods except for the payment method itself. It is a difference in the choice of payment method and not about the betting model that is the same. Instead of making bets with fiat currency in an online casino address (온라인카지노주소), you will make them with cryptocurrencies.

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How cryptocurrency payments are made for bets

Although eventually, each bookmaker can modify the deposit method, payments with cryptocurrencies to place bets go through depositing the cryptocurrency in the account of the platform where the bet is to be placed.

For this, there are probably different methods offered, but they all must follow more or less the following steps:

Select add a payment method and choose cryptocurrency.

Select the amount of the deposit.

  • Option 1: an address is obtained that, from the digital wallet, is used to send cryptocurrency.
  • Option 2: a provided QR code is used that is scanned from the exchange platform itself where the cryptocurrencies are traded.

Confirm the operation.

Although in some cases the steps may be different, they are all oriented toward the same function. It is to make a previous deposit in the bookmaker’s account before starting to operate. If, for example, you make a deposit in Bitcoin, the exchange rate in force at the time of the transaction will be applied, and the currency chosen as usual by the bookmaker.

Where can you make sports bets with cryptocurrencies?

To find out if a bookmaker accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method, you must go to the information area of ​​their web platform and consult the payment methods. In some cases, only Bitcoin will be accepted as the only cryptocurrency, in other cases, there are platforms that accept more than twenty cryptocurrencies to make deposits and operate sports betting.

Why bets with cryptocurrencies are chosen

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more openly accepted as a method of payment. In this context, it is logical that they have also reached sports betting.

It is a flexible, fast payment method with fewer average commissions than other types of payment. In addition, cryptocurrencies offer a higher level of privacy than other methods.

On the other side of the scale, the fluctuations and vulnerability of cryptocurrencies make their full implementation difficult. This privacy can also become a disadvantage since bookmakers need to control the personal data of those who bet within their platforms.

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