March 29, 2024

Illegal Betting Sites In Turkey Remain Popular Despite Government Ban

Ari-Pekka Sundqvist
Crypto & Hazard, gambling

Turkish Gambling Laws clearly state that gambling in any form, including online gambling is prohibited, albeit illegal betting sites (kaçak bahis) continue to operate. Apparently, online gamblers in the country rely on curation websites in looking for and finding the best online betting sites accessible to Turkish punters.

Turkey mosqueAlthough the Turkish government implemented measures that bar offshore online gambling websites from offering their betting products and options within the country, modern day technology makes it possible for such operators to accept gamblers from any country.

Easy Account Opening Method and Popular Deposit-Withdrawal Options

As a matter of fact, the so-called illegal betting sites are making it easy for Turks to register as members so they can open a gambling account. Anyone who wants to register can do so without the need to upload identification documents as proof of identity. Registrants need only to provide an email address and mobile phone number.

Once an account has been opened, the new member can deposit money to be used for gambling at the site. The good news is that the so-called illegal sites process deposits and withdrawal via different options popular in Turkey: such as Papara, Cepbank, money transfers and credit cards.

Papara is highly recommended because it is capable of processing fund transfers to e-wallets or banks in over 70 countries: including the US, the UK, Canada and European Union member countries. ,
Actually, many Turkey-facing online gambling sites are recommended by review websites that also curate and select based on offers of high betting odds and the most lucrative bonus offers.

Cryptocurrency as Gambling Money in Offshore Betting Sites

Cryptocurrency was initially banned as a payment method by the Turkish government during a 2021 announcement. Yet there seems to be a complete turn around because the most recent announcement is that the government plans to regulate and impose taxes on crypto money. starting 2024.

This denotes that if you are looking for a betting site that accepts a player willing to use his crupto money for betting, continue looking for crypto gambling sites as you’ll likely find one. Bear in mind that when using crypto money, the converted deposit value of the digital money will be based on an established price index.
That same price index will also prevail as the conversion rate in computing the equivalent Turkish Lira value of a withawn amount.

TurkeyThe reason why Türkey shifted its position toward regulating and imposing taxes on cryptocurrencies is based on statistical reports that the country currently ranks fourth in terms of cryptocurrency transactions. That being the case, it does not come as a surprise if online betting sites are among those that accept crypto money as deposit.

After all, the confidentiality attribute of blockchain transactions is quite useful when needing to enhance one’s anonymity when betting in gambling sites.